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Naruto 685, Sakura Haruno and the Team 7 dynamic (includes analysis of NaruSaku and SasuSaku) WARNING: Super long analysis.


Look, look, guys, do you have any idea how much chakra Sakura has? In this latest chapter alone, she was able to help Obito open 3 different fucking dimensions!

Not to mention, before that, she hasn’t exactly been using her chakra sparingly; healing the entire shinobi alliance (just herself and…

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Naruto Ch. 675: Fandom Reactions


Sakura isn’t hurt and ends up saved by Obito who Kamuied her out of the dimension

Sakura Fans:


Hardcore Anti-Sakura Fans:


In a flashback, Obito reveals that if Madara gets both Rinnegans no one will be able to defeat him.



Obito: "I could’ve died … but still, I…

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sasusaku running to each other across the meadow (desert) like a romance novel or something

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